Canvas Float Frames


Yes!  We also do  picture framing. Consider a canvas floater frame to add that finishing touch to your canvas. We have more than a dozen different frame finishes and styles.   You can match your furnishings and other color elements in your space .    

Photos into Black and White!


Would you have a great photograph in your collection, but concerned about integrating it into your home decor?   Turn it into trendy Grayscale by eliminating color. The details become more apparent. Give the piece a modern contemporary look by drawing focus to the  shapes , and overall composition. Sepia tones add a certain amount […]

The Quality


We guarantee your complete satisfaction. All our canvases are professionally finished with proprietary coatings and backings to ensure long life with freedom from dents, sags, punctures and scratches. No one else offers this degree of quality and feel. To complete the package, there are leveling hangers, wall bumper pads and a synthetic, puncture resistant paper […]



OUR PRICES ARE NOW 20% LOWER!!!!!……$100 for a typical 24×36″   Our fees are highly competitive and pricing your canvas artwork is simple. Although we prefer to work from your digital originals although we can provide excellent copy shot and scanning services. The studio price is inclusive for a completely stretched ( Professional Quality ) […]

Your Photo into Art on Canvas!

5-26-2011 10-30-13 PM

. Photo Canvases are the perfect gift. What better way to express your appreciation and thoughtfulness, than with something truly and visually unique? What better idea for a celebration, anniversary or commemoration? Make an instant portrait from a photo. If you  are PHOTOGRAPHER,  you may curious about how wedding photos or people portraits would look […]

The Concept


The concept of digital photo printing ( also known as giclee ) directly to artists’ canvas although not extremely novel, has exploded in popularity in recent years. The advantages are numerous: expensive, glaring and heavy glass is no longer required to protect the artwork from the elements, as is required for fragile photo papers. There […]